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Recent Events

On March 9th, the Metropolitan Degrees that were held in honor of Brother Michael Haub.  That same night, there was the Metropolitan Division Banquet and Ball. 

Metropolitan Degrees:

    The Degrees done on March 9, 2002 were a huge success.  There was a fairly good amount of candidates who became Brothers, the ritual work was fantastic, and we had a few visiting dignitaries that day also.  In attendance were Brother State Master Councilor Peter Brusso, the Grand Master of DeMolay, and the international Master Councilor Jason Polansky.  When the degrees were over, certificates were handed out signed by the Grand Master, Brother Polansky, and Brother Craig Riha (Master Councilor of Metropolitan Division).  The certificates were given to those who participated in the degrees and to those candidates were given the degrees.


Metropolitan Banquet and Ball:

      The banquet and Ball was a very fun evening.  The food was excellent.  They were serving as a main course: Long Island Duck, Salmon, or Prime Rib.  There was a DJ, done by Dad Greenfield.  The Banquet was also dedicated to Brother Michael Haub.  Brother Haub was a Senior DeMolay who was in the World Trade Center on September 11th.  There was great enjoyment to be had and lots of dancing on the dance floor.  By the way, the Banquet was held at The Millridge Inn.  It is a very good place to dine.


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