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Recent Events

June 23, 2003-  Wantagh Chapter held its last meeting of the year before the long summer break began.  This being the last meeting, the Master Councilor, Kevin Morrison, decided it would be a good idea to have a last meeting Barbecue.  So, he brought this before the Mother's Club and the details were arranged.  Thus, a BBQ had been set up.  The day of the event was Monday, June 23, 2003.  It started easily, with Dad Bruce Brandt the chef for the evening as can be seen from the left picture above.  The food was delicious and all enjoyed themselves as they dined on hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni salad, potato salad, and other delectable goodies.  Although it was a warm evening, the brothers prevailed and enjoyed themselves. 

After the barbecue, the Chapter Dad, Dad Kitchell, was kind enough to offer a small gift.  The brothers did not need to get dressed in DeMolay attire, nor would they open up the meeting.  So, after dissembling the barbecue, all filed into the building whereupon the M. C. opened up the meeting with a rap from the gavel.  From there, he led the Chapter into the Wantagh Father's Degree.  The degree was given to honor the father's of the brothers and to show support for the advisors.  The rest of the impromptu, "open" meeting went off without a hitch.  Kevin, as his last act for the meeting, read over and handed out an Agenda for the summer, describing what sort of events Wantagh Chapter was going to participate in.  Thus, the last meeting in June was a great success.