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Meeting Notice

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Dear Brothers and Friends,

   You are most cordially and fraternally invited to attend the following Communications of Wantagh Chapter #1986, Order of DeMolay, to be held at the Bellmore Masonic Hall, 1 Square Place, Bellmore, N.Y.



MONDAY, October 13, 2003 at 8:00PM.


Advisors Meeting 7:00PM

Business Meeting

Advance Night

Election of Sweetheart



MONDAY, October 27, 2003 at 8:00 P.M.


Business Meeting

Prospect Party,

Painting of the Pumpkins & Halloween Party



                Kevin Morrison                          Dad Bill Kitchell

            Master Councilor                       Chapter Dad



Meetings start at 8:00 P.M. Please be there by 7:30 P.M. If you canít

attend a meeting, you must call the Master Councilor by 7:00P.M.


From the East


This past month has been a nice quiet month.  We didn't do too many things, but I enjoyed it.  Of the things we did do, we elected the next line of Councilors.  With that I would like to congratulate Brother Shawn Verma on his election to Master Councilor, Brother Nick Testut on his election to Senior Councilor, and Brother George Brandt on his election to Junior Councilor. I am sure you will all do a fine job.  If you need any help feel free to call me (###) ### - #### at home, or my cell (###) ###-####.  You could even email me at or talk with me online. (S/n - SmarterScion)  That invitation extends not just to the Councilors but to all the brothers who may need help also.  I would say this has been a very productive term and I thoroughly enjoyed myself as Master Councilor of Wantagh Chapter.  I would like to thank all of you who made such a great term possible.  Here's to hoping Shawn's term is even better.  This is your friendly neighborhood MC signing off...

From The West

Hey Brothers, Kevin's term is almost over and mine is about to begin. Kevin's term rocked and we can thank him for a lot of great memories and a whole lot of success, but now itís my turn and with your help, we can have one of our best terms yet. Right away, we are going to have a set of degrees, so be sure to get to Brother Brandt and get your parts for the degrees so we can all amaze our candidates and everyone that watches. If you ever need any help with any of your parts feel free to ask me or any of the councilors for help. Also, the PMC's are there for you. Anyone of them would go out of their ways to help you guys. You all have the tools and resources; all you have to do is use them. If anyone has any questions on my term plan or any ideas to make it better, PLEASE tell me. If we all pool our ideas together, we will all have fun. Well, thatís its from the West, see you all next meeting!

From The South

Hi everyone it is Nick from the South. Iím very thankful for everyone electing me for the position of Senior Councilor. Iím glad that the term is now coming to the end because it gives the younger people a chance to advance forward and up through the line. This new term means that you will have new councilors. The Installation is coming up soon so be prepared to move into your new positions. We will be holding and advanced night next meeting so you need to start to study your parts. This new term is going to be a new beginning and a new start for the chapter to excel and do well in the community. It also gives everyone in and out of the chapter another chance to strengthen DeMolay by making the presents of DeMolay known about in the area that you live in.


Date to Remember

Oct. 13        Wantagh Chapter Meeting 8PM

Oct. 18,       C.W. Taylor Chapter Installation 7PM

Oct. 19,       Wantagh Chapter Installation & Cross of Honor 3:00PM

Oct. 27,       Wantagh Chapter Meeting 8PM

Nov. 08,      Chev Observance

Nov. 08,      Masonic Youth Dance, Utica, NY

Nov. 10,      Chapter Meeting, Frank S. Land Presentation

Nov. 23,      Metro Bowling Baldwin Lanes

Nov. 24       Chapter Meeting, First Degree

Dec. 13,       Bro. Jeph Dais Chev. at Knickerbocker 4PM

Feb. 6-8,      Winterfest, Glens Falls

March 13,   Metro Division Ball


P.S. If you have an e-mail address that you would like to have added to the Chapter address list please e-mail me at In subject put Wantagh chapter.



This publication acknowledges authority and yields allegiance to the
International Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay of which Frank S. Land was the founder.