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Meeting Notice

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Dear Brothers and Friends,

   You are most cordially and fraternally invited to attend the following Communications of Wantagh Chapter #1986, Order of DeMolay, to be held at the Bellmore Masonic Hall, 1 Square Place, Bellmore, N.Y.



MONDAY, May 13, 2002 at 8:00 P.M.


Advisors Meeting 7:00PM

Business Meeting

Stop & Go




MONDAY, May 27, 2002 at 8:00 P.M.  

Business Meeting





                Greg Kozlowski                         Dad Bill Kitchell

            Master Councilor                       Chapter Dad



 Meetings start at 8:00 P.M.

Please be there by 7:30 P.M.

If you cannot attend a meeting, you must call

the  Master Councilor by 7:00 P.M.



From the East

I would like to thank you all for this chance to be your Master Counselor and lead Wantagh Chapter for the next six months. Now down to business. First off the next meeting will be on May 13. At this meeting we will be performing a Mothers Tribute for the mothers of the chapter. I ask everyone to bring your mothers, sister, aunt, and grandmother to see this beautiful and touching ceremony.

The next mothersí tribute is on May 8, at Valley Stream Lodge. Everyone who has a part is expected to have it memorized. Anyone who has a problem please talk to me ASAP. The last thing I would like to bore you with is convention and ritual. During this upcoming convention brother Nels Solberg will be installed as State Master Counselor. We all should be there to help and support Brother Sloberg. Also at convention our chapter is doing the DeMolay Degree. Most of you already have parts, if you donít come see me. Convention is $150, however there are ways to reduce the fee. You can sell ads for the journal. One of my main goals this term is to improve our ritual work. I plan on working very closely with the JC and ritual adviser, and Chapter Dad to improve our ritual. I know that with a little work we can go a long way. Thanks you and have a good month.

From The West

Hi everyone. This is the start of a new term. That means a new clean slate. The installation went very well. Our first meeting did also. Iím am in charge of membership this term so if any boys have a prospect tell me and give the petition to Nels. See you all next meeting  

                From The South

So, how is everyone?  This being my first Meeting Notice address, I will try to keep this brief.  First of all, I want to congratulate everyone on a great Installation of Officers.  Everything went well including our present Master Councilorís (Greg) speech.  Also, we had a Motherís Degree on April 23 last month.  Everything went fine except for the fact we needed to use our scripts.  There will be three more Motherís Degrees this month.  The next one is on May 8.  The last two take place on May 28 and May 31.   So, study, study, study your Motherís Degree work.  Furthermore, I hope all the new guys are continuing to work on their obligations.  Nick Testut and Shawn Verma have already done at least the first one.  Letís give them a hearty congratulation.  Great job everyone and keep memorizing!

Date to Remember


May 3-5, Athletics Weekend, Utica , NY

May 08, Mothers Degree at Valley Stream

May 13, Chapter Meeting 8:00PM

May 27, Parde in Baldwin Grand Ave

May 27, Chapter Meeting

May 28, Mothers Degree at Midwood, Brooklyn

May 31, Mothers Degree at RVC


P.S. If you have an e-mail address that you would like to have added to the Chapter address list please e-mail me at In subject put Wantagh chapter.



This publication acknowledges authority and yields allegiance to the
International Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay of which Frank S. Land was the founder.