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Meeting Notice

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Dear Brothers and Friends,
 You are most cordially and fraternally invited to attend the following Communications of Wantagh Chapter #1986, Order of DeMolay, to be held at the Baldwin Masonic Hall, Prospect Street, Baldwin, NY 11510
MONDAY Nov. 14, 2005 at 8:00PM
7:00PM Advisor Meeting
Business Meeting
Names Night

Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2005 at 8:00PM
Business Meeting
                     Willy Kitchell                                                           Dad Bill Kitchell
                     Master Councilor                                                     Chapter Dad
Meetings start at 8:00 P.M. Please be there by 7:30 P.M. If you can’t attend a meeting, you must call the Master Councilor by 7:00P.M.
From the East

     Congratulations on being elected or appointed to your new positions within the Chapter. This is the start of a new term, and as I said in my remarks at Installation, we will be thinking out-of-the-box more. I am planning on mixing things up a bit and trying newer and hopefully more interesting events. If there is anything you would like to do, or see done just give me a call. I plan on being in touch with all of you anywise, nevertheless do not hesitate to speak up. 
    My main purpose of this term is to do all in my power to see that this Chapter changes it current direction. As was said by Dad Feldman, “Wantagh Chapter is at a crossroads, and we have a choice. We can either keep going in our current direction and probably wind up back in the same situation we were in a bunch of years ago, or we can do an about-face and change our current heading.” That is exactly what needs to be done. I realize that this is a major endeavor, changing the course of a Chapter’s current direction, which is why I am asking for every one of you to help me with this great feat. I cannot do this alone, nor can any one member of this Chapter. We need to work together to get Wantagh back on the right track.
     I realize that I am saying a lot, and more or less promising a lot, but I feel that a lot needs to be done. The fact that I have to come to the realization that this problem is not going to “fix-itself” was the major reason I asked to run for Master Councilor again. Do not misunderstand me I am not doing this for personal gain, or to prove anything to anyone. I did however ask to do this because I feel I need to make a personal effort to remedy the current situation. It is my personal goal to put this Chapter back to way it used to be about 5 years ago, just after I first joined when we had 12-15 guys on a good night.
    As I mentioned in my remarks, when I joined with 5 others, Wantagh was barely hanging on by a thread. They had 2 PMC’s taking turns as the acting Master Councilor. There was no line of officers to continue behind them. There were 3 to 4 guys who had regular attendance that is it! It is feared that Wantagh looks as if it is returning to this. That is exactly what this term is about though, working to avoid this problem from reoccurring. One person cannot do this task; we all need to do our share to help Wantagh Grow again. We need to lay a foundation that will ensure Wantagh’s longevity; this does not mean if we do it this term we stop. We need to do the opposite. If our plan works, we need to keep it going to guarantee, for the near future that Wantagh Chapter is not going anywhere.
    I will do everything I possible can do to be sure the name Wantagh Chapter is heard for a long time to come. Remember this is your Chapter, and whatever you want does can be done. We will work together to get it done, all you have to do is make the suggestion! I am merely the coordinator I am not running the show here, and every single one of you is.
So I challenge each of you to call me after you read this.  Tell me at least 3 substantial ideas for activities or events to hold and at least 3 things about Wantagh that you have an opinion on. Whether they are events, or a manner in which we do something. Whatever it is, I expect to from all of you in no longer than a week after this publication gets distributed, and that means ALL of you!
Hey all!!
     Congratulations to all the guys on their new offices, and especially to Michael Brandt on being appointed Junior Steward, and Nathan Ahler’s on being appointed Senior Steward. Those are their first offices within the Chapter, so congratulations guys!!!
     Moving from installation, on Monday October 24th, we all gathered at Casa De Kitchell for the annual pumpkin painting. This Monday was far from the usual. We decided to start painting pumpkins just after 7:30pm, and we all heard a loud BOOM and the lights went out. Next thing we noticed, one of the Advisors, maybe Dad Brandt yelped, “The transformer blew out, and the pole across the street is on fire, and call the Fire Department!!!” Indeed it was. So some of us older guys present as well as the Advisors decided to go take a look, curiosity one could call it. It was pouring so we looked for a minute, called the authorities, and then went back to paint pumpkins. This is where Mom K shined. Mom K is a candle person; don’t ask most of them are funky scents!! Anyways, in the time it took us to deal with matters outside, Mom K had already lit the Kitchen and the Dining room up with candles, and managed to set out paints as well. Thanks Mom!! So the evening continued from there, with all of us and the Sweetheart painting pumpkins by candle light. It was really an experience. The following Friday, October 28th, Bro George Brandt and myself delivered those same pumpkins to the staff of the Bel-Aire Care Center in North Bellmore. They were received with smiles, and donated with even bigger smiles.
    Another event on Friday October 28th was our trip to a haunted house for a spooky evening full of fun. This year we decided since we are trying new things to change the usual plans of going to the Bayville house and decided to go to the Schmitt’s Family Farm our east in Melville. We had a good turn out, and although it was a little brisk it was still a great time. I know I had a great time, did you? Thanks to Dad K for the White Castle afterwards, that was very nice of him, and I think all of us own him a great thank you for not only coming out with us, but for also opening his house afterwards to us all and not mention getting us white castle too. Thanks Dad!
    The councilors and I have made plans for a presentation at the next meeting. Our meeting on the 14th falls right within the time for Frank S. Land day, which is one of our Obligatory days. We will be doing a quick presentation in honor of that, it should not be more 10-15 minutes. We have also started discussing plans for the upcoming months. Things along the lines of a Popcorn and DVD night, or a Holiday party, or maybe even a lock-in at someone’s house. These are all ideas that we got from you, and so like we promised we will work on them and see if we can’t make them happen.So until next month, that’s all folks!

From The West

    Congratulations to all on the newly assigned parts! I soon will be starting to plan my term plan, so if you have any suggestions or would like to see anything, please contact me. Also, if you would like a certain part for my term, tell me in advanced. If you have any ideas
for a fund-raiser, other than a car wash, please tell me, because I would like to do so many things, but I need some fund-raisers to balance them out. I would like to bring back the camping trip, but I'm not sure how many people will actually go, or if I can get an advisor. Always remember that the world is round.

From The South

    Greetings from the South (again). November 14th is our first meeting of the new term and I hope all of you have been studying for your new parts. I don't want to see any books out so start studying up, you all have plenty of time to get them down. Also, for all of you who have not yet done your obligations, please start looking over and studying them. See you all at the next meeting.

Date to Remember
Nov. 11-13,  Lead Con. Binghamton.
Nov. 13,  Sunrise Triangle installation,
Nov. 14,  Wantagh Chapter Meeting Baldwin 8pm
Nov. 30,  Wantagh Chapter Meeting Baldwin 8pm
Dec. 12,  Wantagh Chapter Meeting Baldwin 8pm
Dec. 30,  Wantagh Chapter Meeting Baldwin 8pm
This publication acknowledges authority and yields allegiance to
DeMolay International, Order of DeMolay of which Frank S. Land was the founder.