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Meeting Notice

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Dear Brothers and Friends:
 You are most cordially and fraternally invited to attend the following Communications of Wantagh Chapter #1986, Order of DeMolay, to be held at the Bellmore Masonic Hall, 1 Square Place, Bellmore, NY


MONDAY Feb. 14, 2005
Valentine's Day Dinner
Doors open 6:00PM
Dinner at 6:30PM
Pie throw after

MONDAY, Feb. 28, 2005 at 8:00 PM

Business Meeting
 First & Second Degree


                         George Brandt                                                                 Dad Bill Kitchell
                          Master Councilor                                                             Chapter Dad

Meetings start at 8:00 P.M. Please be there by 7:30 P.M. If you can't attend a meeting, you must call the Master Councilor by 7:00P.M.

 From the East

 Greetings Brethren. This month we will be having our fundraiser, it's the first meeting of the month. The actual meeting is canceled. The doors open at 6 and dinner is served at 6:30. Everyone has to be there at 5. We need the people down there, like your family and friends. Find out how many people from your family are coming and let me know (516-781-6081)so we know how many to cook for. The last meeting in February, we will be holding our degrees. Included are the parts for both. PLEASE STUDY UP.

 Initiator Degree
Master Councilor-George Brandt       Senior Councilor-Nathaniel Liberty
Junior Councilor-Nick Testut             Senior Deacon-Tim Brandt
Junior Deacon-Justin Heuser              Chaplain-Ricky Kozlowski
Marshal-Chris Kitchell                       Senior Steward-Chris Kitchell
Junior Steward-Chris Kitchell           Scribe-Willie Kitchell
1st Preceptor-Willie Kitchell             2nd Preceptor-Greg Kozlowski
3rd Preceptor-George Brandt            4th Preceptor-Chris Kitchell
5th Preceptor-Greg Kozlowski          6th preceptor-Nathaniel Liberty
7th Preceptor-Willie Kitchell
DeMolay Degree

Master Inquisitor-Nick Testut          Senior Inquisitor-Nathaniel Liberty
Junior Inquisitor-Willie Kitchell      Mar. of the Commission-Chris Kitchell
Senior Guard-Ricky Kozlowski       DeMolay-Greg Kozlowski
Guy of Avern-Justin Heuser             Godfery de Gonivile-Tim Brandt
Lord Constable-George Brandt        Orator-Ricky Kozlowski

I assigned these parts based on what everyone already knows so they will have to learn 1 or 2 new parts. If you REALLY can't do a part, let me know ASAP.

From The West

My Brothers,
As this term draws to a close let us remain aware that we still have to perform the degrees for the term. We have two prospects to receive the degrees, making their significance two fold. This time, there will be young DeMolay's watching us as we invest them with the respective degrees. It is vital that we leave a good impression and memorize our parts and speak with as much emphasis and feeling as possible. Simply repeating the words is not enough, you must know what they mean, and indicate with the tone of your voice how important they are to the prospects. Brother JC, MC, or myself will contact you before the next meeting to start deciding parts.

 From The South


Date to Remember


Feb. 11-13, Winterfest, Glens Falls.
Feb. 14,  Valentine's Day Dinner, Bellmore 6PM
Feb. 25,  1st Nassau Ice Skating, Newbridge
Feb. 28, Wantagh Chapter meeting, 1st & 2nd degree
Mar. 12, Metro DeMolay Banquet, Millerridge Inn
Mar. 13, Wantagh Installation
Mar. 20, Sunrise Triangle Installation


This publication acknowledges authority and yields allegiance to
DeMolay International, Order of DeMolay of which Frank S. Land was the founder.