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Current Councilors


Christopher Kitchell (Chris)- Master Councilor 

Name:  Christopher Kitchell

D.O.B.:  5/9/87

Age:  15

Favorite T.V. Show:  Sponge Bob Squarepants

Most Memorable DeMolay Moment:  "My initiation."


Kevin Morrison (Kevin)- Senior Councilor 

Name:  Kevin Morrison


D.O.B.:  7/16/86


Age:  16


Favorite TV Show:  Enterprise


Most Memorable DeMolay Moment:  "The most memorable moment I had in DeMolay was my first Convention.  I was especially moved by my first Rededication Ceremony.  I hope everyone who attends their first convention finds it to be one of the best times in their lives."


Shawn Verma (Shawn)- Junior Councilor


Name:  Shawn Verma




Age: 14


Favorite TV Show:


Most Memorable DeMolay Moment: