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 Wantagh Chapter
Order Of DeMolay
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Chapter Roster and Their Corresponding Positions

(Subject to Change at Installation of Officers)


Name Position
Kevin Messina Master Councilor
Tom Fischetti Senior Councilor
Mike Celentano Junior Councilor
Travis Dore Senior Deacon
 Michael Brandt Junior Deacon
 Jon Forst Senior Steward
 Jean Velasquez
Junior Steward
David Celentano              Chaplain
George Brandt, PMC Scribe
Chris Dore, PMC Marshal
 Maxwell Cavaseno Standard Bearer
 Matthew Nugent Almoner
Ricky Kozlowski, PMC
Preceptor 1
Nick Testut, PMC Preceptor 2
Preceptor 3
Preceptor 4
Preceptor 5
Preceptor 6
Preceptor 7
Miss Chelsea Callaghan Sweetheart

Chapter Advisors and Others

Name Position
Dad Callaghan II Chairman/ Advisory Council
Dad Brandt Chapter Dad/ Advisory Council
Dad Feldman Advisor/ Advisory Council
Dad Greenfield Advisor/ Advisory Council
Dad Kozlowski Advisor/ Advisory Council
Dad Testut Advisor/ Advisory Council
Mom Shimer President of the Parents/Guardians Club